Iranian Business Database in UK

Iranian Business Database in UK

About us

About Us

Iranianuk 118 is one and only business directory for approximately 500k Persian-language speakers, living in the UK including Iranians, Tajiks and Afghans.

On this vast platform, people from these nations are currently advertising their businesses to reach people how seek services across the United Kingdom.

But we went beyond this point, accommoding non-Persian businesses to reach around 500k.

Our smart advertising algorithm allows people to find the right business based on the postcode.

We have the biggest and most up to date Persian database, so no company is missed.

By registering with us at a very competitive price, you will simply be connected to more than half a million people. as simple as that.


Why Us?

Creating a database of businesses and services dedicated to Iranian and Persian communities in this scale has never been attempted here in the UK before. We are proud of being the first dedicated business directory for Iranian and Persian people.

We simply have the biggest and most up to date database for businesses that provide services for Iranian and Persian community; from driving instructor to a café that serves Persian traditional breakfast on a Saturday morning!

In addition to creating a business database for Iranians in the UK, we provide a unique opportunity for advertising your business in this platform, whether you are an Iranian or you want to crack into this vast market.