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Iranian Business Database in UK

JMGB LEGAL Institute

موسسه حقوقی JMGB
موسسه حقوقی JMGB


JMGB Legali Ealing Cross 85Uxbridge Rd EalingLondonW5 5TH

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02039151010 - 02188888999


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Experienced and professional lawyers' team of JMGB LEGAL Institute provides legal services in Iran and London, UK. Dr. Javad Moghimi as a senior attorney-at-law in Iran Central Bar Association of Tehran and a member of the Bar Association of London with an experienced team is at your service to review your legal affairsConducting all your legal and administrative affairs in Iran without your presence in Iran and without the need to refer toembassy and without the need for embassyrepresentation and also without the need to submit documents. Verifying and equalizing duplicate to original documents and papers in a formal and legal way, without the need to refer to embassy. Inquiry on being banned from travelling abroad and outbound transactions and conviction history. Examine and review the file, summarize, copy, and duplicate equal to the original of all the papers. Inquiry about the status of all property, bank where under seizure or not. Inquiry report details of current and completed case workflowsAccept legal and criminal cases in all stages of proceedings in the Primary and Supreme Courts of Iran and BritainConsultation and admission of family cases using the most experienced family and divorce attorneys in Iran and the UK, only at the JMGB Law Institute in London.Civil litigation and consulting in residential and commercial real estate with over 30 years of experience in the legal team of Dr. Javad Moghimi in the UK. Arrangement of all commercial contracts between companies as well as between natural and legal persons. Preparation of a will and acceptance of all inheritance lawsuits in the courts of Iran and the United Kingdom. Provision of all legal immigration services to the UK at JMGB LEGAL Law Institute isas follows: Obtaining a variety of business visas, investment and work permits, and obtaining a visa for the treatment of incurable diseases. Counseling and obtaining all types of study, student, marriage and family visas. Providing all refugee services as well as obtaining a special visa for particular conditions. Application for permanent residency and citizenship of the United Kingdom.

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