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Iranian Business Database in UK

Shayan Begir-o-Bebar

بگیر و ببر شایان
بگیر و ببر شایان
بگیر و ببر شایان
بگیر و ببر شایان


28Oakleigh Road South Frien Barnet N11 1NH

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Shayan Begir-o-Bebar in London, the UK. If you are looking for a variety of Iranian stews (Khoresh), we recommend you Shayan Begir-o-Bebar in London. Taste all kinds of Iranian Halal sandwiches, snacks and delicious dishes in Shayan Begir-o-Bebar in London. You can also try delicious tasty hummus, traditional ice cream and Iranian Faloodeh Shirazi. Don't forget Shayan takeaway barbecue trays in London, the UK. By purchasing at least 20 pounds, grab free delivery up to 3 miles. Good food, Good moodOrder right now.

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